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Dental 3D printing

Fight against COVID-19

Teseracto prints successfully his first prototype of N95 mask thanks to free digital files that are shared to fight against COVID19.

If we propose, we can all contribute something, even if we stay at home to avoid the spread.

Here you can find the STL file so that anyone can download and print it

We will also offer this printing service to public entities and to those who need it.

Protective visor COVID-19

We continue to contribute what we can in the fight against the virus crown.

In this case we have designed a model of a visor that does not need anything apart from the protective plastic (neither rubber bands for the support on the head nor glue for the plastic).

A simple and very effective way to protect yourself against the virus.

Please wide spread and thank you.

Dental splint 3D printed with last and most advanced technology.

Discover all the advantages of our dental models 3D printed with the best quality.


Do you get the full potential out of your digital system?

Do you need to know more about 3D printing?

We are waiting for you in a dynamic and close event, where we will discuss cutting-edge topics so that you can implement the digital flow in your clinic or laboratory. After these sessions you will know better work protocols and solve all your doubts.

The aim is to show efficient ways of working within the new digital processes in which we are inevitably all immersed.

Come to the MADIWORK conference! An experience in which you will share knowledge with professionals in the sector.

LOCATION: Hotel Ilunion Málaga – Paseo Marítimo Antonio Machado 10 (29002)

  • 1 person 50€
  • 2 people 100€ 75€

50% dto until el 31 de march





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    Hotel Ilunion Málaga


    In November of this year we will teach a dental 3D printing course organized by the illustrious “DENTAL TRAINING CENTER” by August Bruguera.

    In it we will see in depth:

    • All the parameters of the model creator for the correct creation of a model
    • Creating a model with free Meshmixer software
    • Complete protocol for 3D printing.

    More information click…

    Digital design training with Exocad

    Are you starting in the digital world?

    Are you already an expert but need to delve into a module?

    Our official partner, Javier Tejado, puts at your disposal all his knowledge in design with Exocad and digital flow, whether you need a course or if you have any specific questions to resolve.

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      Dental 3D printing course for the master ATPD from País Vasco (10 - 11 january 2020)

      This weekend we have shared a theoretical / practical dental 3D printing course at the Association of Dental Prosthesis Technicians (ATPD) from Pais Vasco.

      In it we have shed a little light on so much (dis) information in the media about 3D printing.

      • What factors must be taken into account when choosing a 3D printer?
      • Which 3D printer is the best?
      • How to calibrate a 3D printer?
      • Which 3D resin is the best?

      These have been some of the many points that we have addressed as a collaborator in the master of design in ExoCAD and digital flow that @javier_tejado_castillo teaches.

      Thanks to the participants of this event:

      ATPD from País Vasco:



      Intraoss Days - (12/12/2019 al 14/12/2019)

      Thanks to the excellent Doctores Ruz dental clinic and the innovative Intraoss implant house for inviting us to participate in their periodontal and peri-implant plastic surgery course. With the figure of Dr. Eduardo Santini we have discussed cutting-edge topics such as:

      • How to treat gum retraction in its different stages.
      • Surgery with the support of new digital technologies.

      Full Digital Workflow - (29/06/2019)

      Thanks to the pioneering dental clinic Romero and Álvarez for inviting us to participate in their “full digital workflow” event where we have discussed cutting-edge topics such as:

      • The relationship between fully digital dental laboratories and clinics.
      • Action protocols to minimize errors.
      • Guided surgery with 3D printed surgical guides and immediate loading.
      • Possibilities and applications of cutting-edge materials such as graphene for different types of restorations.
      • The applications of 3D printing in the dental sector.


      Invited collaborators:





      We invite you to follow the most innovative cases of dental 3D printing through our social networks!

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